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Halloween Kills Sacred Bones Exclusive Charred Pumpkin Edition Vinyl Signed By John Carpenter

Like the film itself, Carpenter’s score to the second installment of the new Halloween trilogy, Halloween Kills, stays true to the spirit of what made the 1978 original great while bringing it firmly into the present. The music is unmistakably Carpenter: the sinister vintage synth tones, the breath-stealing sense of menace that he conjures with just a few dissonant notes. But with a broader sonic palette, new digital techniques at his disposal, and a deeper sense of musicality, the Halloween Kills score is the work of a master artist who nearly 50 years into his career continues to push his creative limits and find new ways to thrill and terrify his fans.


Never removed from the Vinyl sleeve. Wrapper removed to acquire Signature.

Halloween Kills Sacred Bones Exc Charred Pumpkin Vinyl Signed By John Carpenter